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Valley Truck and Trailer Repair - Muncy PA
Wrecker/Rollback & Recovery Services
Towing Services On-Site or Off

Valley Truck & Trailer offers Roadside Wrecker when you need help fast. We can come pick up your car, truck or tractor from the road. If you've broken down, we can tow you back to our place for service, or to any location you choose. We offer recovery services if your vehicle ended up sliding over the side of a hill or over an embankment. We flip over vehicles that have rolled over. Valley has wrecker service all over Lycoming County, Bradford County, Tioga County, and many more. We also offer Road-Side Service. So if you need just a quick fix along your journey, we'll come to you, fix your truck, and get you back on the road in a short time.

Just Call 570-546-0660 and we'll take care of you, whatever the situation, anytime, anywhere.

Roadside Towing
• Vehicle Breakdowns
• Towing
• Roadside Repair

Wrecker/Recovery Services
• Vehicle & Equipment Rollovers
• Remove From Lease Road Embankments
• Truck Rollovers
• Winch Trucks & Cranes
Natural Gas Towing
• Lease Road Towing
• Natural Gas Truck Towing
• Equipment Recovery

We Are Always Ready For Your Call
We offer Wrecker, Rollback & Recovery Services.
On Call When You Need It Most.
We Service The Natural Gas Industry Too...

If any equipment or trucks need wrecker service Valley can get the job done. We've been called out to the smallest lease roads where a piece of heavy equipment has gone over an embankment, or a water truck cut a corner on a switchback too soon, and ended up sliding off the road. It only takes one call and we'll take care of the rest. We have a fleet of trucks, wreckers, rollbacks. Valley Towing and Hauling has all the equipment for roadside recoveries and towing & is available anytime with our Roadside Service.